more than your five a day

Here's five things i have noticed my healthy friends do different (and a lot better than me!) 

Remember you never get from A-Z in one step, implement one thing at a time until its your new normal. Remember health isn't just about mind, its about body too.


1. They plan their plan - Sounds crazy right. Everyone is super busy, but being busy is no excuse for your health being on the back burner. It takes 30 mins to roughly plan your meals for the week. It would probably take you an hour to sign up to a meal prep service and you'd more than likely save money! Everyone who looks like I want to look, meal preps! 

My tip - Plan your meals on a Sunday night, 30 mins before you put on Netflix and chill. (Even better get a subscription meal delivery service, there's some great value out there, I have just started Muscle Food)


2. Value their sleep -  Would you leave the house with your iPhone on 10% battery? No way right.... well why would you do that with your body. Sleep is essential for healing, repairing and recharging your body. Not being tired means you will make better choices in your day (and perform better in your workout!) 

My tip - Start a solid bedtime routine if you share a bed you will need their buy in too. My go to are blue light blocking glasses, a herbal tea, Ashwaganda, air con and Bed Folk cotton sheets


3. They always speak second - Keeping your mouth shut can often make you the smartest person in the room. Learning from others and keeping an open mind helps contribute to self-development. Getting comfortable in a growth mindset helps you stick to good habits and develop new skills. You'll be happier if you zip it, trust me give it a try.

My tip - If you have something useful to add, it will still be useful at the end of the conversation. Don't miss out on other peoples wisdom by speaking first and possibly missing out on what they have to say. Your mental wellbeing will thank you for it! 


4. Spend time outdoors - Nature is healing.... no it really is. Get up, get outside and enjoy mother earth. Fresh air, being active and being outdoors will improve your wellbeing it may even lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and increase your focus (for your 250+ zoom meetings a week!) 

My tip - I love to get up and either take a run, or go for a walk. While its peaceful and quiet. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, find a new spot to sit with your coffee, go and explore somewhere totally new, just don't stare into your iPhone for the whole time your there (but you are allowed to get a pic for the gram!). You never know you might enjoy it. 


5. Be mindful - In my 20's I wore stress and hard work like a badge of honour. The more stressed I was and the more hours I worked - the more successful I had the chance of becoming right? Not if my body doesnt work when I get there... no. Take time every week to slow down a bit, enjoy the moment and soak in the memories. Afterall in 20 years time do you want your life to be a bit of a blur? 

My tip - This is on my to do list, sit everyday and notice your breath, do some breath work and take 5 minutes for YOU. 




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