is it really a fast fix?

Like most women, I have tried almost every fitness fad going! Intermittent fasting is no different and through my trials I found something that works for me! 

The basic concept of intermittent fasting is simple ... (or so I thought!)

You eat all your calories within a specific time window—eg, between 12 noon. and 6 p.m.—and outside of this time window you eat nothing - you "fast".

Switching between fasting and eating can turn on your brain and improve cellular function across your body. A lot of people find it super useful for targetting weight loss.

Before I tried it I thought WOW, this is fasting without fasting right? ... I get to eat everything my body needs without  giving up nutrients, but just in a  a smaller window of time, giving my body a long fasted period. I had already read that this can help with detox but also with weight loss.

I thought to myself sounds easy! 

Well it wasn't easy and I hated every minute of it! Fasting is not for me but what I did learn was 3 really cool things about my body

1. I LOVE to train on an empty stomach. 

2. I get super hungry after my workout and really enjoy my breakfast

3. I actually have control of my food and don't need intermittent fasting to achieve my goals. 

So I would say give it a go BUT intermittent fasting may not be for everyone. Women, in particular, can struggle with intermittent fasting, especially when we’re in certain parts of our cycles. So be sure to chat to your GP before you give it a whirl girls!




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