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by @wrightsamuel


Getting to sleep is one thing, but staying asleep is another. You feel me don't you.

Sleep does cycle through the night, but waking up is not one of those scientific cyle's. Personally the last three years I have got really into sleep science (more on that later) but something I hear loads of my friends moaning about is they can't get through the night without waking up. 

Sleep in our house is everything, thankfully Gabi understands and values the benefits of sleep. We have worked hard on bedtime routines and we know what works for us. Yes nooky helps haha 

Here are my tips for improving the quality of your sleep.

Get a routine 

Its as much about the hour your head smashes the pillow as what you did the hours leading up to this beautiful moment. If you spent it with your head buried in your laptop or phone, you can almost guarantee you won't be getting much deep or restorative sleep that night. Your body works better when it knows the routine. Improving your sleep and wake times and making them as consistent as possible is the single most important factor I have found to improving your sleep quality. 

Takeaway - Dont use your phone before bed, and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. 


Don't go to bed starving

Im the worst for it, but I am getting better. Waking up at 3am starving because of a blood sugar crash is not going to do your hours of REM sleep any good. When your blood sugar drops your cortisol rises and it wakes you up because your body wants food. Im not saying eat a Dominoes right before bed but something to stablise your glucose levels through the night will hopefully prevent your midnight snacks (yes we see you in the fridge at 2am!) 

Takeaway - A table spoon of almond butter or a small apple before bed has worked for me! 


Get up, get outside 

Everyone that knows me, knows this is almost my moto! Where sleep is concerned though there is method to my madness. A morning walk has literally so many benefits, but for the purposes of your sleep there's a few, its a great segway warm up for your morning workout, the sunlight will help trigger your natural circadian programming and essentially is the signal for your body to produce melatonin 14/16 hours later to put you to sleep. If you can get a healthy sleep cycle you will start to feel better in all areas of your life, trust me! 

Takeaway - a ten minute walk around the block will do it! 


Cut out caffeine and alcohol 

Don't panic, not totally. Caffeine after 12/2pm and alcohol later in the evening (or just try and go 4 weeks without a drop if you can). I love a coffee like anyone I get it people need their juice every now and again. If anyone tells you that "they sleep better after a drink (alcohol)" that is the biggest load of s**t going. Alcohol and caffeine destroy your sleep, in different ways and I will write a blog on both to help people understand in more detail. 


Takeaway - Pick your poison wiseley. Caffeine and Alcohol can destroy any of the other great habits you are putting into getting better sleep without you realising it. Give managing your intake a try, I did and it changed my life forever. Literally,




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