no more tossing and turning 


I always want to feel and look my best, don't you?

One thing I know for sure is that I definitely don't feel my best, never mind look my best after bad sleep.   

I have had nights where I have been in bed for 12 hours, tossing and turning, too hot, too cold, can't get comfortable and start the next day feeling grumpy, tired and lathargic. My brain wants to hit the gym and work out, body says no! 

Other nights I have been in bed 5-6 hours, cant even remember falling asleep my early alarms gone off and I have flown out of bed full of energy! 

I needed to understand why! So first I learned a little bit of detail about all the different stages of sleep. Here's what I learned in a snapshot! 



Source - Whoop

Light sleep represents the physiological process taken to transition to deep sleep. Some of the restorative characteristics that define deep sleep occur in this phase, but with less frequency, as your body is more responsive to your environment in light sleep. In fact, there is a theory that light sleep exists to allow the body to be aware of its surroundings and to wake quickly in the event of a threat.

Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), also known as deep sleep, is the time when your muscles repair and grow. During this stage the body produces 95% of its daily supply of growth hormones. As an athlete, training sessions break down muscle tissue so that it can rebuild and grow during slow wave sleep.

REM sleep is when the brain is restored. It is at this time that ideas and skills acquired during the day are cemented as memories. As it relates to an athlete, any time you are practicing a technical skill, the actual consolidation and retention of that learning happens during REM sleep.

Wake is included as a sleep stage because it is natural to be awake for brief periods many times in the night. These periods are known as arousals, or “disturbances”, and it is normal to experience anywhere from 10-20 per night. While they only last a few minutes and you’re not conscious of them, you can lose upwards of an hour of sleep in the Wake stage due to disturbances.


So I worked out that I didn't necessarily need to sleep any longer to get "better" sleep. What i needed to do was work on my sleep efficiency or the quality of my sleep. 

Here are my sleep hacks which have got me literally bouncing out of bed. 

Temperature - Get your bedroom at a nice comfortable temperature. I invested in a air con from AEG for our bedroom. Every wondered why you seem to sleep better in hotels? Its because they are comfort cooled - the clue is in the name hey! We sleep at about 18 degrees. 

Routine - This is my go to piece of advice for any of my friends the first thing to fix is consistency in sleep and wake times. Get that body into a solid routine - it will thank you for it. 

Eat healthy and eat regular - Spread your calories and your sugars etc through the day. Many people wake up because their blood sugar levels drop in the night, especially when cutting calories to drop weight! A little bit of fruit before bed won't kill you and it will probably stop you eating midnight snack! 

Vitamins and Minerals - I take Ashwagandha before bed (30-60mins before sleep) with a herbal tea (chamomile or a relax blend). Try it, you'll be amazed at how deep your sleep starts to become. 

Blue Light - Stop using your phone an hour or so before bed, or invest in some blue light blocking glasses. I've got some really cute frames I found on Amazon and they block all the harmful light that stops your brain switching off at night. 


Sweet Dreams! 


Don't forget if you implement any of my tips! Share your experiences with us however you can! 




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