don't go cray cray

by @gabiloverar

 I had heard the word Anxiety for years or "Ansiedad" in Espanol. 

I never knew what it was, nor did I give it any time or thought, because I always thought it would never affect me. 

Then I moved to England. lol 

It always looks so awesome looking through the rose tinted glass of instagram into our life. You are never really ready for when life punches you in the face. 

I was in London, in love and happier than I had ever been, but I had this really horrible feeling looming over me, I couldn't explain what it was or how I really felt. All I knew is that I wasn't really me. 

I drove Sam (my partner) crazy for months... sorry Sam ! 

Anxiety got me good (and Boris lockdown was making it worse!!) 

I had lost everything I was used too... Barcelona's beaches, sunshine and culture. I was working out in the kitchen of our house, being licked in the face by my dog (love you Sandro) every time I did a press up and it was raining .... EVERY DAY. 

Not even the thought of a Prada handbag could cheer me up! 

It was during these months where I began to value the real things that matter in life family, friends, freedom, pets, favourite restaurants the list goes on! 

Turning the corner now I look back felt easy but I just took one step at a time. Was thankful everyday for a family that loved and supported me and started to dedicate time to the things I loved. 

1. My Dogs - Sandro and Valentino 

2. Vita Vida - Helping people live a happier and healthier life 

3. My fitness - Setting new training goals and making sure I hit them (Dragging my man around 10km runs on cold Sunday mornings brought me immense joy haha) 

Nothing is impossible and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Make your goals bitesize and achievable and celebrate your wins (let him buy you that Prada bag girl!) 

I choose to earn my endorphins every morning and I take Ashwagandha every night to help with my anxiety. 

Maybe it can help you too? 




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