Dur yeh, its hard. Lyf 

by @gabiloverar


Being an adult is tough, but no one told you how tough right. Gisele and Tom seem to be doing just fine though... *Cue big breathe and eye roll.

Find your purpose whilst your trying to pay your bills, get enough sleep, workout, see your friends, eat healthy, take plenty of downtime, feel amazing. Exhausting right. 

Todo bien, todo bien. 

I can't pretend to be anywhere near the finished article of life, I don't actually believe anyone is, but there is something cool about finding happiness in your moment. 

By trial and error I have found ten life hacks that work for me / us (I force them onto Sam) you will live by my rules jaja

  1. Start disconnected - No iPhone for the first hour of the day. (This ones hard) but is rewarding. I go see my dogs, take a coffee outside and warm up for my workout before I touch any tech! 
  2. Get a BIG water bottle (and cute!) - I never drank enough water. We all know hydration is important but we never get our water in! I drink 2-3 litres of water since I got a 1L LARQ - its super cute and if your like me and don't like "Eau de Tap" its blue light tech cleanses the water for you princess. 100% worth the money. I take mine EVERYWHERE.
  3. Wash your bedding - I hate to state the obvious, and it always feels like a massive job. Bedding should be washed every 7-10 days (especially if you share it with a 100kg+ male - why do boys smell so bad when they sleep). Sweat oil and grime will build up on your pillow cases and then you rub it all back into your pores. Disgusting. Now will you wash your bedding? Everyone loves that clean bedding feeling dont they. Imagine that, once a week. 
  4. Stop touching your face - Become aware of how much you touch your face, while your talking, on your mobile, touching that zit to see if its still there, yup its still there and its getting bigger the more bacteria you put on it from your phone / keyboard and steering wheel. Reduce how much you touch your face and blackheads and spots will reduce by 50% (ok I made that stat up) but the results will be real. Skin ... glowing. 
  5. Clean a little, every day. - We all want to be free come the weekend after working all week right? Do a little bit of housework everyday and you could be! I've been doing it and WOW ... 
  6. Energy killers - get rid!We have all got that friend who only wants to chat when they need to emotionally unload right? Yeah him / her - sorry babe but you need to cut that out of your life. It doesn't have to be a human, it can be a show you can't turn off or a thing your addicted to doing that isnt getting you anywhere (i.e. scrolling through instagram instead of tackling your tax return!) 
  7. Take tech out of the bedroom - The bedroom is for sleeping or sexo! Remove the option for everything else and that's what you will get. Stop smirking. 
  8. Ask for help - No one likes asking for help. Seriously though, people care more than you think. 




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